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Thermal Liners

3 Dimensional Insulated Box Liners

Thermal Insulated Box Liner

Our Thermal Insulated Liners are manufactured with flexible metalized bubble insulating materials that provide high-efficiency thermal protection for a wide range of packaging applications. Compared to EPS, they can save up to 85% on warehouse storage over EPS and up to 60% on freight. Its gussetted-bottom design easily opens up with a flat bottom to perfectly line any carton as a 3 dimensional insulated box liner. These liners are perfect for shipping anything from fish to pharmaceuticals.

Available Stock Sizes

25# Regular Shippers

26 x 10 x 11

50# Miniature Shippers

26 x 12 x 15

50# Regular Shippers

28 x 14 x 15

80# Regular Shippers

31 x 15 x 18

100# Regular Shippers

38 x 15 x 19

*Custom Sizes - Low Minimums Available*

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